Located in Arroyo Grande, California, Paulding Law represents clients with a variety of needs. Our practice areas include: estate planning (wills & trusts); real estate and business transactions; and land use, environmental, and construction law. Whether you are a local resident, government agency, contractor, or entrepreneur, we will not only be responsive to your needs, but we will work harder than ever to exceed your expectations. It is our combination of extensive experience, positive demeanor, and professionalism that sets us apart and allows us to customize our services to meet your individual needs and concerns.

At Paulding Law, three things stand out: 1) our ability to listen carefully in order to identify your legal goals and needs, 2) our attention to detail, and 3) our approachable nature and affordability. Unlike many law firms, we pride ourselves on taking the extra time to build strong relationships with our clients.


At Paulding Law, we carefully identify your needs and estate planning goals. Whether you need a will, a trust, or both and more, we will work hard to ensure your needs are met. Typical estate plans also include powers of attorney and advance healthcare directives.


At Paulding Law, we focus on resolving real estate and land use conflicts. Whether you are a homeowner, renter, landlord, home buyer or home seller, real estate law directly or indirectly impacts most of us on a daily basis. Because land use regulation and environmental law are now inseparable in California, developers, for instance, must do more than comply with zoning, subdivision, and planning laws. They must also consider the relevant sections of the California Environmental Quality Act and pertinent regulations governing such issues as coastal zones, wetlands, and hazardous waste cleanup.



The small business and startup marketplace is still a new and fierce frontier, oftentimes requiring legal advice. At Paulding Law, we holistically assess your needs so your business can get the best competitive advantage available. If you are looking to form a Corporation or LLC, we will guide you through the process with the goal of ensuring your business maximizes limited liability and tax advantages.



At Paulding Law, we provide a variety of services related to construction contracts and disputes. Our knowledge of the public bidding, award, construction, and claims process helps our clients strategize for the best legal result. We also provide upfront guidance on how to set your project up for success using construction management best practices.

Planning is bringing the future into the present so that you can do something about it now.
— Alan Lakein, American Author and Businessman


An Arroyo Grande native, Jimmy Paulding prides himself on serving those who live in San Luis Obispo County. Jimmy firmly believes that it is the people who live on the Central Coast that make it the truly wonderful place that it is.

What sets Paulding Law apart is the wealth of experience Jimmy brings from his prior careers in city/regional planning and construction management. After graduating from Cal Poly SLO, he spent over a decade working in the planning and construction industry on multi-million dollar public facilities and infrastructure projects. While working, he earned a law degree and became a licensed attorney. His knowledge of local, state, and federal government contracts, dispute resolution process and procedures, regulatory agency requirements, California environmental law, and land use planning provides a strong foundation for tailoring strategic legal advice that will meet your specific needs.